Supply lists for 2015-2016

Suggested Supply List 


Please have the following supplies ready on the first day of school and keep them well stocked throughout the year. 


  • Three ring zippered binder 

  • Pencil pouch (pre-holed to fit the rings of the binder) 

  • White loose-leaf notebook paper 

  • Pencils (no pencil sharpeners, please) 

  • 5 Folders with pockets (pre-holed to fit on the rings of the binder 

**Please label folders for the following subjects; 

    Language Arts 


    Social Studies 



  • Red pens 

  • Highlighters 

  • Black dry erase markers 

  • Small box of colored pencils 

  • Scissors 

  • 2 composition notebooks (the type without spiral binding) 

  • Glue sticks 

  • Tissues and Clorox wipes  

  • $15.00 for Science and Social Studies newspaper